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Here Is To You, Mrs. Robinson


“I enjoy this fresh undergarments set,” 50-year-old Ginger Robinson, aka Mrs. Robinson, says on the commence of this sequence. “It makes me sense so beautiful and so sumptuous. I enjoy how it sits on my puffies. It makes me sense so kinky, too. And my honeypot’s moist, too.”

We are going to detect how moist.

“My puffies are so rigid,” bambino says as bambino runs her thumbs over them. We tail end inform.

Earlier than lengthy, Mrs. Robinson takes out one in all her beloved faux-cocks, displays us her plasticity (getting her gams highly a ways again) and smashes her honeypot with the plaything. Offspring will get on all 4s to nail herself, too, and all alongside, we get adorable perspectives of her honeypot and cock-squeezing lil’ bulls eye.

“I sight like a median female when I am not filming,” bambino stated, albeit we all know that isn’t true. We now have observed her driving force’s passport picture, and bambino’s smartly above moderate. “Ebony stretch pants, Shirts, hoodies and a baseball hat are my day by day go-tos.” Oh, bambino method the best way bambino clothes. Neatly, once more, we doubt bambino seems to be moderate it doesn’t matter what bambino wears.

Ginger is divorced. Offspring’s a mother.

“I have been informed I’m a mother I’d like to have sex with and a mummy even however I do not handiest like guys who’re junior than me,” bambino stated.

However bambino does like guys who’re junior than her. Offspring is, finally, Mrs. Robinson, and Mrs. Robinson is the temper toyed by means of Anne Bancroft, who seduced and humped her finest acquaintance’s son-in-law within the 1967 flick The Graduate. Ginger and a successful man are going to have some joy with that flick afterward this week, so remain tuned.

Date: December 25, 2023