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Her Berries, Your Testicle Tonic


“You simply lay there, bi-atch fellow,” requests Sweet. “Be my footstool whilst I love this strawberry.” You observe, Sweet is within the temper for a snack whilst young one flashes her beloved footboy who the chief is. Dressed in bare pantyhose, Sweet mashes berries and shall we the fluid leak into the mesh over her tootsies whilst her fluid leak out of her poon. And the entire whilst, her marionette observes along with his weenie imprisoned within the tights young one is making him put on. Understanding that his pulsating weenie wishes some ease, young one touches her nylon-covered soles on his nylon-covered weenie and the friction drives him horny. Then young one mashes berries everywhere his weenie for lubricant and offers him a greasy sole drilling. The weenie gliding out and in of her bends turns her on such a lot that young one begins gargling her marionette’s soles, too! And when young one is prepped, young one let’s her marionette know that it is time to make her, “Lovely soles all sloppy,” along with his spunk. And he does. He lotions everywhere her feet and young one dips her strawberries in it and loves her dessert.

Date: December 20, 2018